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“Mary Falvey is truly impressive in bringing her wide-ranging experience to the healthcare space, helping CEOs develop clear insightful strategies, integrating input from leading clinicians, payers, regulators, and investors. Mary lives on the leading edge, always learning something new and stretching to add value to her clients. I continue to be inspired by her high-energy, passion, and drive to help other entrepreneurs.”

Debra Reisenthel
Founding CEO and Director, Palo Alto Health Sciences and Novasys Medical. Director, Raydiant Oximetry and Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

“Mary and I have known each other and worked together for almost 20 years. Mary is smart, funny, quick-witted, and kind. She’s a great listener and advisor. She has business skills suited for any organization, profit or non-profit. She is well connected with lawyers, financiers, companies and organizations.

Mary and I served on a board where we had to redo strategic planning, re-position marketing, refinance, and re-staff the organization. Last year, I invested in a medical company where Mary played an important role, not only providing strategic advice but also developing a key strategic partnership.

I’ve watched her work with high-tech, medical device, and family-owned companies. Mary gets things done and solves problems in a gracious manner. She is an asset to any organization.”

Michael Doyle
Founder & CEO of Unit Instruments, CEO of Microflex Technologies and DTA Inc.

“Mary is a highly effective and encouraging coach with a wide breadth of experience in numerous sectors. She is generous with her knowledge and network and cares passionately about supporting our INSEAD students. We are honored and privileged to collaborate with her.”

Nancy Hsieh
Executive Director, Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship

“Many years ago, after graduating from Harvard Business School, I was blessed to find a job at Citibank. There were few young African Americans who had experienced the privilege of working for a major bank in those days. I had no mentors to help me navigate the ups and downs of corporate life.

I look back and I remember that I resented that Mary Falvey was a female Vice President and I was only an Assistant Vice President, although both of us had graduated from Harvard Business School. My youthful chauvinism was alive and was contributing to my limited thinking. In spite of my foolishly misplaced emotions, Mary Falvey invited me out to lunch and said something to me that I never forgot. It would serve me well on my way up the corporate ladder from Citibank to a Managing Directorship at BlackRock.

At that lunch, Mary Falvey said something to me that I had never heard before. She said “Obie, if you will take your ego out of your business decisions, you’re going to become a very good businessman someday.”

I never forgot that quiet message that Mary so powerfully and quietly gave me from across a lunch table so many years ago. I am forever grateful for the gift that she was so willing to share with a young Black man trying to find his way up the corporate ladder.

I am grateful!”

Obie L. McKenzie
Vice Chairman, Cordiant Capital Inc.

“As her company’s banker, I observed Mary during an incredibly challenging time. Mary was handed the “reins” of Falvey Autos, a group of imported auto franchises established by her mentor and father, Lawrence Falvey. With multiple franchises and retail outlets, Mary dealt with an economic meltdown in Michigan, challenges from unions, an ever-changing retail market, demands from manufacturers, and a loyal employee base. Expense control, marketing, human resources, expansion, improved information technology and a host of other challenges were addressed effectively. An early adapter of working remotely, she instinctively stabilized Falvey Autos, acquiring a Toyota franchise – and all the while serving her consulting clients in San Francisco. Ultimately, she strategically sold each dealership, preserving asset values and saving many jobs of her faithful employees.

I had the good fortune to work with Mary, and her late father, for many years. Mary is incredibly loyal, trustworthy, generous, and capable.

Whether to an owner, board members, or a CEO, I would recommend turning to Mary Falvey to add clarity and direction when it is most needed. “

Patrick M. McQueen
Managing Director, McQueen Financial Advisors; Director, EnerBank USA

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