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How We Help

Clients engage Mary Falvey for:

  • Collaborative projects:
    • Recommend a strategy to launch and scale a new product or market
    • Determine what it takes to re-focus strategy or rebuild a company in crisis
    • Develop a compelling case for customers, investors, bankers, and other key stakeholders
  • Trusted counsel to CEOs:
    • Maintain focus on key priorities while dealing with urgencies of the moment
    • Assist with capital-raising and/or business development
    • Build the right team to take the company forward
  • Talks, webinars, and bespoke mentoring programs for senior executives
  • Service on governance and advisory boards of private companies, not-for-profits, and government organizations

While industry-agnostic, Mary has particular experience with medical devices, healthcare, financial services, automobile, food, higher education, and the performing arts.

Area of focus: