STARTUPS: Strategies to drive growth and enhance company value

Despite having a distinctive and disruptive product or service, entrepreneurs can find attracting customers and capital frustratingly slow. They may find themselves wearing too many hats, challenged to build a team to share the load with limited financial resources, disappointed in champions who raise expectations and fail to deliver.

Assessing the myriad of symptoms, Mary identifies root causes and brings structure and alignment to create a compelling story covering the company’s:

  • Value proposition and business model
  • Market segmentation – product positioning, lead applications, geography
  • Clear path to market and scale
  • Risks and key milestones to mitigate them
  • Funding required for sustainable growth and/or exit
  • Ideal investors and/or strategic partners
  • Cross-border opportunities between the U.S. and Europe

Drawing upon her experience as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and director of early-stage technology companies, Mary helps CEOs develop strategies, business plans, and investor presentations, viewing the company as investors – as well as customers, see it.

Representative engagements:

• For the BioDesign innovation hub of a major NYC medical center, served as an NSF I-Corps Industry Mentor to a team of scientists to define the business ecosystem and assess the commercial potential of an early-stage medical device addressing the symptoms of neurodegenerative disease. Using the Lean Launchpad methodology built upon the concept of Customer Discovery, the team conducted 100 interviews with industry players across the U.S. and Europe. Commercialization potential was validated, and research is proceeding toward a prototype and clinical trials.

• For a medical device company with a disruptive technology developed in France and challenges raising capital, collaborated with CEO to develop a strategy for launching the product in the U.S. This included identifying applications with the most powerful combination of compelling value proposition, attractive market size, strong competitive differentiation, clear reimbursement path, and early-adopter champions. Helped develop the first strategic partnership. Introduced industry advisors, FDA and reimbursement consultants, and potential investors. Company raised a successful Series A, and the U.S. office is open.

• Independently, and as a member of the Band of Angels, a Silicon Valley investment group, carried out due diligence on over 30 companies, invested in 16, and served on the board of 3.

• For the semi-annual INSEAD Venture Competition, serving since 2019 as screener judge and coach to semi-finalists and finalists. Multinational teams are MBA students at INSEAD campuses in France, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore. Wide range of industries includes healthcare, financial services, food, agriculture, automobile, and social impact.

• Serve as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD and a volunteer mentor at the McGovern Center for Ventures in the Life Sciences at Cornell University