MID-SIZED COMPANIES: Strategic Pivots and Restructuring

Whether disruptive change is foreseen or sudden, the CEO has to deal with not only the change itself but also its destabilizing effect on the company’s team, customers and partner relationships.

Having been there herself, Mary brings hands-on experience as well as broad and deep knowledge from her client work to help CEOs of companies with $10 – $300 million in revenues pivot strategically to seize an opportunity or fend off a competitive threat or other exogenous force.

This may require one or more of the following initiatives:

  • Stabilize the business
  • Strengthen and inspire the team
  • Re-frame the company’s vision and strategy
  • Identify needed enhancements to skill sets and capabilities
  • Develop a strategy and plan to increase revenues
  • Assess acquisition and partnership opportunities
  • Explore Strategies for succession and/or exit